Focus The SmartForms Telegram BOT

First things first, we need to generate our Telegram Key to authenticate ourselves with SmartForms Telegram Bot.

You can generate you Telegram Key by going into any forms setting and clicking in:

and then Generate Key:
Telegram Key

Then we access SmartForms Telegram Bot and authenticate with our key by sending a message like this:

Telegram Auth

After going through this settings you are free to use any commands!

/stats: Show the monthly stats of your SmartForms Account.
Telegram -stats

/commands: Show your commands.
Telegram -commands
PS: You can call commands by this interactive keyboard we setted up for you after calling /commands.

/forms: Show your form endpoints and let you subscribe to their submissions.
Telegram -forms

Here you can click in one of your forms to subscribe or unsubscribe!
Telegram Subscription

After this little and easy set up, you are all set to receive notifications about your form submissions on your Telegram !!

Example of a notification:
Telegram Notification

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