focus The SmartForms Slack BOT

Let's set up our Slack notifications:

First, let's generate our Slack Key by into the settings tab of any form and clicking at:
Then clicking at generate Slack Key:
Generating Slack Key
Now you that you have your key, it's time to install Slack App in your workspace and then authenticate yourself:

- Installing Slack App
 On the same place, click at 'Add to Slack' button:
Add to Slack
 Then authorize SmartForms Bot to send messages into your workspace.

- Authenticating yourself
 Send a DM to SmartForms Bot with "-key 'YOUR_SLACK_KEY'":

Authenticating SmartForms Slack Bot

Congratulations!!! Now you are all set up to start using you commands on Slack!

You can call any command by DM'ing your SmartForms Bot or tagging him in a channel that he is also in!


 Shows your possible commands:

SmartForms Slack Bot: -commands

 Show the monthly stats of your SmartForms account:

SmartForms Slack Bot: -stats

 Show your forms and let you subscribe or unsubscribe to a form with an interactive menu:

SmartForms Slack Bot: -forms

Now let's see how we get notified when a form is submitted:

SmartForms Slack notification

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