Privacy Policy

We believe that privacy is a human right. Your data is your data, not ours. We'll only access your data with your permission for troubleshooting or to help you with something you asked.

About your data in SmartForms

We only use the data needed for the service to work, such as your e-mail and form settings. We don't store any data from your form submissions, respecting your privacy.

You can always delete your data. If you want to delete a data from a form you can to in Settings and delete It there; if you want to delete all your data in can go on Profile and delete It.

Data security

All the platforms that we use to run SmartForms, utilizes the latest version of SSL/TLS to transmit the data from your browser to the servers, to your e-mail and back to our server.

To make sure our service runs as smooth as possible, we work with some of the cloud service provides for efficiency, but we make sure to only work with services that are GDPR compliant and respect the user privacy and data.

Your information

When you are signing up with SmartForms, we ask for some basic information from you to make sure the experience that we are trying to provide is seamless. But the information you provide is being used to send you notifications about your account, billing information and other things like your password reset emails.
At any point, if you think there is something wrong with your account, please contact our support to get things done quickly. You can write to

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