Feature rich form backend as a service

Our goal is to offer many time-saving features without losing the simplicity!
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Easily collect form submissions

No matter what technology you're using, It takes less than 2 minutes to integrate. No more wasting time on boring backends.
Feature Check Easy setup
Feature Check Unlimited forms
Feature Check Support every language or framework

Accept as many files as you want

You can have multiple file inputs on a form, we take care of everything.
Feature Check Plug-and-play, you don't have to configure anything
Feature Check Multiple files per form
Feature Check Receive files on e-mail
Feature Check Receive files on Slack and Telegram
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Feature Image

Don't miss anything, we'll e-mail you on every submission

You can set as many e-mails as you want and we'll notify you on every one of them.
Feature Check Simple configuration through the panel
Feature Check Multiple e-mails allowed
Feature Check Secure transport using TLS

Receive submissions on Slack and Telegram

Get notified instantly when someone submit one of your forms using our bots.
Feature Check Very easy integration, no code required.
Feature Check Many available commands.
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Feature Image

AI-based Spam Filter

Get annoying spam out of your submissions, we use AI to filter the spam messages out of your submission box.
Feature Check Artificial Inteligence based
Feature Check Spams are not contabilized in your monthly submissions

Customizable Thank You Page and E-mail responses

You can have your own logo, choose the color and the text. Or skip It entirely if you want!
Feature Check Send automated responses for e-mails in your form
Feature Check Fully customizable
Feature Check Redirect direct for your own page if you want
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Feature Image

Various integrations options

You can set a webhook for your forms and use Zapier for many integrations
Feature Check WebHook Integration
Feature Check Zapier Integration

Power your forms with ease

You can use our service forever free, upgrade only if you need more features.

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