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Appizy allows you to create an interactive form starting from a spreadsheet. You do not need to know about HTML, JavaScript, or write a single line of code. Build the form in your favorite spreadsheet editor (Excel, LibreOffice). Add charts or formulas to make it more dynamic and engage your visitors. Once ready, upload it into Appizy's converter and get the code written for you.

Spreadsheet construction

In this example, we are using the quotation spreadsheet proposed in Appizy samples. This workbook has two tabs: one called Interface with the actual form and another one named Data for calculations. The second tab is hidden. Download the file and display the tab content for a better understanding of the file construction.

The top part of the file is a classic contact form with Name and Company. Then comes the quotation inputs (for an imaginary T-Shirt reseller): size, color, and quantity. Based on the quantity selected, the spreadsheet calculates a discount and the total estimated price of the order.

To receive data in SmartForms you need to add a named reference to the cell you want to collect. In our example, the cell B10 is named "total".

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